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When I became involved in a tenant/landlord dispute in San Francisco, I interviewed several very good tenant law firms but Mosbrucker & Foran impressed me with their attention to detail and unfailing professionalism. I was immediately instilled with confidence that having these two lawyers in my corner gave me a big advantage over the law firm representing my landlord. Sure enough, during the long course of the case, Mosbrucker & Foran’s rigor and tireless effort prevailed, ensuring I got a satisfying settlement.

I recommend them without hesitation.

John P.

I would highly recommend Mosbrucker and Foran to any tenant who is involved in a landlord-tenant dispute. They represented me with an unlawful detainer (UD) defense (AKA eviction defense) as well as a wrongful eviction lawsuit (AKA an affirmative). In both cases I was impressed not only with their legal knowledge but also their eagerness to explain technical details so I could make intelligent decisions. With an impressive background as community-based lawyers, they made an extra effort to keep me informed and empowered. In addition, they’re savvy with fine points of law which gave me a strong defense in one case and quickly resolved my affirmative in a second case. I would definitely use them again and encourage all my tenant friends to do the same.

Claude M.

I recommend them without hesitation
— John P.

I employed the law firm of Mosbrucker & Foran during 2004-2005 to handle a landlord-tenant matter which involved the leasing of an illegal unit. I found that both Cathy Mosbrucker and Mary Jane Foran surpassed my expectations in representing me by thoroughly, competently and creatively investigating all aspects of the case including the defendant’s prior history of code violations.

This firm diligently researched the facts and law regarding my case and aggressively pursued the satisfaction of my rights and interests in this legal matter. I found their customary fees to be well-earned. Moreover, both Cathy and Mary Jane bring to their work a genuine interest in their clients and a sense of grace and humor, when appropriate.

I do not hesitate to recommend them to any potential client in need of their legal representation

G. R. P.

Despite a clear case of our rights as tenants having been violated by our landlord, we were very hesitant to contact an attorney because we did not want to embark on a stressful, frustrating and time-consuming legal battle. A friend recommended we consult with the team of Cathy Mosbrucker and Mary Jane Foran, and thank goodness we did.

After our first meeting, it was obvious that Cathy and Mary are top notch professionals who we could trust. They have a remarkable record of winning their cases, plus they are sincerely nice and decent people who are easy to work with. They worked very hard on our behalf, kept us informed and minimized the stress and demands on us. The positive outcome of our case exceeded our expectations. We believe that a large factor in the outcome was that the landlord’s attorneys recognized that Cathy and Mary are no-nonsense professionals with tremendous expertise and experience in tenant/landlord disputes.

Bart S.

Cathy and Mary are top notch professionals
— Bart S.

From the moment I first met Mary Jane Foran and Cathy Mosbrucker, I got a sense that they were both nice people and they knew what they were doing. When I formally had them work on my case, one thing they said I will never forget, that they would not take on my case unless they thought we could win it.

They were very organized and thorough obtaining all the information they needed even though it was sometimes complicated and time consuming. They always kept me well informed with all the details of the ongoing procedures of my case.

Throughout the legal procedures I always felt that they were both good people and really cared about me and the final outcome. I was extremely happy with the outcome and recommend them to all who have tenant/landlord issues.

I. M.

I was extremely happy with the outcome
— I. M.

Mosbrucker & Foran’s combined expertise and wisdom are impressive. Their professionalism and counsel are beyond compare. I appreciate all they’ve done for me in my wrongful eviction/harassment case and all that they do for others.

Teri C.

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